Artist Statement

My work centers on a long-term investigation into the relationships between people, particularly women, and their own self-awareness. Through painting and drawing I attempt to visually create moments that cannot be clearly articulated in words. I am interested in the sensation of an awkward silence, an expressive gesture, a pensive moment, the moments that are neither before, nor after, but in between.
I often pair the female body with food, animals and the landscape to address issues such as fulfillment, restraint, indulgence, desire and denial. These are issues that correspond to the language and emotions surrounding intimate relationships, our inner dialogue and self-evaluation.
Recently, the addition of fauna, particularly, the home propagation of plants, has become part of the imagery in my work. This work investigates the desire to “put down roots”, or in contrast, the challenges of starting over. Additionally, the structure of the house itself has also begun to have a more prominent role in the work. The homes I am interested in stand out as icons within the places I have grown up and lived. For me they carry narrative weight, because of how they fit within their environments, but also how I have come to know their structures. Similar to the figures in my work, the houses insinuate a history of growth and neglect; revival or deterioration; a history of people passing through them known or assumed.